[CentOS] XFS or JFS on CentOS 5?

Karanbir Singh mail-lists at karan.org
Thu Nov 20 12:21:20 UTC 2008

Ray Van Dolson wrote:
> Thanks for the reply John.  However, my question wasn't so much "if I
> should" but how the xfs support in CentOS compares to jfs.  It seems to
> me that xfs is a bit more up-to-date.

Couple of points from my side of the line:

I use xfs, i dont use jfs. but only on x86_64

xfs in centos has eyeball attention from some people who are and 
previously have been involved with xfs upstream ( sgi )

xfs in CentOS is more widely used than jfs is in centos ( impression I 
get from looking at logs on and off - generated at mirror.centos.org ).

Having said all this, I know atleast 1 person who is indeed running jfs 
at the moment with CentOS5. And I am sure there are usecase's where Jfs 
is a better option than Xfs.

Does this help answer the question ?

- KB

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