[CentOS] howto transfer all configuration between 2 remote dedicated servers?

Joe Barjo jobarjo78 at yahoo.fr
Thu Nov 20 15:29:17 UTC 2008


I'm willing to change my dedicated server hosting provider, and transfer my
existing server to the new one.
I don't have kvm access, but both servers are centos5.2
I can boot a network image that is debian based and have access to the disk.
Then I tried to rsync -a my first server to the destination host, but it was
not reachable from the network (I modified /etc/fstab and
/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 for the destination server). I
also copied /boot including grub configuration... (both are using grub)
As I don't have a kvm, I don't know why it is not reachable from net.

So I would like to get the list of all rpms (rpm -qa) install them to the
new server, then copy all files that were added/modifed

Most packages should be still in the yum cache, but I'm not sure.
For the rpm -qa I think there should be some special flags to get an output
that would be yum compatible?

But my real question is: How can I get a list of files in the whole
filesystem that were added or modified compared to all the files that come
from rpms?
Is there a script for doing such a thing?

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