[CentOS] qlogic driver not scanning scsi bus on load CentOS 5.1

nate centos at linuxpowered.net
Thu Nov 20 16:42:54 UTC 2008

nate wrote:
> Very strange behavior, been banging my head against the
> wall on this one too. It works fine on CentOS 4.6, the

I believe I traced this down to the driver itself, when
I loaded the most recent driver from qlogic's site the
HBA scans the devices on boot as expected.

Another thing I noticed just for archival/searching purposes
the older driver worked as well but only when I did not
have the option "ql2xfailover=0" set for the module
parameters. With that option loaded the HBA would not detect
devices on driver load, without it(on the old driver) it
did. On the new driver it works with that option. I require
that option for active-active multipathing, glad the systems
seem to work.

I was able to reproduce the same behavior under CentOS 4.x,
as well eventually and fix it simultaneously with the latest
driver. The previous HBAs I had used under CentOS 4.x were
PCI-X, and this one is PCIe so obviously a newer rev of
hardware, and it seemed to want the newer rev of software to
go with it.


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