[CentOS] how can I stress a server?

RobertH roberth at abbacomm.net
Thu Nov 20 17:15:03 UTC 2008


> I wasn't rejecting server grade hardware. I was a bit 
> irritated by the fact that I don't have server grade 
> hardware, and every says get proper hardware. It ticked me 
> off a bit that only a server can be good, and not a standard 
> desktop which is also used to serve content to many people 
> over the net.
> >


dont be irritated. you can afford server grade hardware no prob.

goto ebay and search for

DL380 G3 Dual


DL360 G3 Dual

both units do hardware raid stock. if you need more that 72GB hotswap
hardware RAID1 total disk space, get a DL380 now or if over time disk space
needs to grow a lot. DL380 will do hardware raid 1 and 5.

the space you need and the scsi drives you purchase will be the larger cost
factor depending on your decisions. the hot swap drives above 72gb in size
will be the limiting factor in price if you want huge drives. 72gb and below
are very inexpensive

your current machine can serve, and possibly meet your needs, yet it wasnt
designed to be a set and forget *server*

we regularly see these machines for 50 to 150 dollars and with drives add
another 50 to 100 bucks unless you need to go qty or super large.

or get a buy it now package of some sort.

way less expensive and much more reliable than any wothwhile desktops out

the only drawback is knowing who to buy from and who not to because of
shipping costs and if the seller is a pro and packs properly.

 - rh

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