[CentOS] Migration from VMWare to HP Blade

Phil Schaffner Philip.R.Schaffner at NASA.gov
Thu Nov 20 20:54:32 UTC 2008

Matthew Walster wrote:
> When I get around to testing this (preferably when it's not a peak 
> hour!) I'll come back and let you guys know if it worked, know if 
> there's a place I can document it? It can't just be us two that have had 
> this issue.

You can reply to the list with SOLVED added to the subject line for 
future searchers of the list archives.  This is probably not general 
enough to warrant a Wiki article, although there have been a lot of 
recent questions about hardware/kernel changes causing hangups and 
requiring tweaks to grub, modules.conf, and needing to mkinitrd - if 
someone feels up to writing a more general guide to solving such problems.


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