[CentOS] how can I stress a server?

RobertH roberth at abbacomm.net
Thu Nov 20 21:09:58 UTC 2008


> And how does he squeeze that in 1U?
> AFAIR, Rudi's located in South Africa and has already stated 
> several times that prices there for servergrade stuff are not 
> as cheap as you can get it in some other areas of the world. 
> May apply for Ebay deliveries to SA as well (if they ship at 
> all to SA). And, looking at the Ebay ads, I sure wouldn't buy 
> such a machine. 
> I can understand that Rudi builds his own servers in that 
> situation, I do this sometimes as well. One thing what I 
> would have avoided if possible, though, is buy a board with 
> such a new chipset that you can't even get lm_sensors to run. 
> (Or you didn't research too well, Rudi. You can upgrade 
> lm_sensors from rpmforge and you can get coretemp.ko patches 
> for some chipsets. I had to do this myself for an "oldish" 
> Intel 5000 server
> chipset.) That's another thing where server-grade stuff comes 
> nice into
> play: the machines usually include BMC, so you are not 
> dependant on lm_sensors and kernel.
> Kai
> --


it can be purcased and shipped to him, no biggie.


you ask how does a DL380 G3 fit in 1U?

not a bright question. dont care.


all previous info was FYI

it was noted in the email the DL360 G3 unit as well. it is 1U

dont care & doesnt matter if you wont buy said equipment.

i have built between 600 to 1000 computers and would still rather have
industrial type hardware if at all possible.

for all of you on a serious budget and you want long term bullet proof basic
server, the hardware mentioned does a most excellent job as do the G4 scsi

they have hot swap hardware raid scsi drives & they also can be purchased
with dual hot swap redundant power supplies & have what are called ILO ports
so you can get into the machine from remote and power it on or off or see
and interact with the console from remote (just like you were there in
person) if you accidentally foobar a box and cannot get into it with ssh

way better than a home build in many circumstances, yet not all, of course.

 - rh

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