[CentOS] Location of 5.2 .iso without XEN

Sam Drinkard sam at wa4phy.net
Sat Nov 22 16:58:38 UTC 2008

Kai Schaetzl wrote:
> Sam, please don't abandon threads you initiated yourself about the same 
> topic, this is noob behavior. You should know better by now. You waste 
> other people's time as they cannot know all content of all threads.
> Kai

    I'm not abandoning the threads.. I have been up to my ass in 
alligators all week, and while I didn't respond to every reply, I caught 
several with one reply.. no point in duplications.  I apologize if I'm 
acting like a noob, but I get so frustrated when things get blown out of 
proportion.  I'm not a Centos newbie, but when I get a curve ball thrown 
at me when unexpected, I have to ask questions.  I'm amazed that I 
missed the virtualization when I did the install.. I'm going to blow it 
all away and start fresh, mainly because I didn't like the default 
partitioning on the drives.  I'm in uncharted waters for me with the 
raid array, and trying to figure out what is what.

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