[CentOS] Trouble Donating on centos.org

Kurt Hansen khansen at charityweb.net
Sun Nov 23 22:16:19 UTC 2008


I tried making a donation via the centos.org website but was blocked by 
PayPal. I tried today and a few weeks ago.

The error I got in both instances was:

"The card you entered cannot be used for this payment. Please enter a 
different credit or debit card number."

This strikes me as a strange response. It didn't say the card was 
declined; it said it "cannot be used." Also, the response was awfully 
quick so it didn't seem to be from the credit card processor, but from 

I setup e-commerce sites so am very familiar with on-line credit card 
processing. Also, I just used this card online a couple of days ago 
successfully, and I know I have plenty of available credit.

Has anybody else gotten an error like this?

I suspect PayPal is blocking this, not my credit card company. I 
suspect, too, PayPal is doing this to reduce their own costs rather than 
protect centos.org or me from a fraudulent transaction. I have a PayPal 
account that was set up a few years back as a test based on a PayPal 
offer to me, have never used beyond setting up, but which PayPal has 
suspended. I'm not interested in using this account nor jumping through 
the hoops they require. I may have entered this credit card in that 
account. I suspect PayPal is blocking this credit card number to push me 
to re-open my PayPal account.

Am I just being paranoid?

Take care,

Kurt Hansen

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