[CentOS] Skype vs. CentOS: no outgoing sound

Amos Shapira amos.shapira at gmail.com
Sun Nov 23 23:32:21 UTC 2008

2008/11/24 Niki Kovacs <contact at kikinovak.net>:
> Rob Townley a écrit :
>> Don't use skype, but r u sure your firewall is not blocking outgoing
>> sound?
> Funny, I never gave that a thought. Any idea which port I would have to
> open?

You generally don't need to:
1. Skype is smart enough to pass through pretty much anything.
2. You say that you manage to setup a connection and hear the echo
test incoming voice.

IMHO you should concentrate on making sure you are using the latest
version of Skype for Linux and getting your mic working.

Skype until some stage used the old non-alsa sound interface and
required the alsa emualtion of that interface. I think they finally
switched to ALSA with version 2.

http://alsa-project.org is a VERY helpful place (and carries very
helpful mailing list) for such stuff, since it appears almost certain
to me that your issue is generally with your mic or Skype's sound
configuration and not Skype's network side.

Good luck,


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