[CentOS] Trouble Donating on centos.org

Kurt Hansen khansen at charityweb.net
Mon Nov 24 17:43:55 UTC 2008

John R Pierce wrote:
> Kurt Hansen wrote:
>> I suspect PayPal is blocking this, not my credit card company. I 
>> suspect, too, PayPal is doing this to reduce their own costs rather 
>> than protect centos.org or me from a fraudulent transaction. I have a 
>> PayPal account that was set up a few years back as a test based on a 
>> PayPal offer to me, have never used beyond setting up, but which 
>> PayPal has suspended. I'm not interested in using this account nor 
>> jumping through the hoops they require. I may have entered this 
>> credit card in that account. I suspect PayPal is blocking this credit 
>> card number to push me to re-open my PayPal account.
> I believe paypal users can choose not to accept money from credit 
> cards due to the fees withheld, although doing this for donations 
> would be kind of silly...  paypal's system is somewhat opaque about 
> this sort of thing.
Yes, I can see why you would do this for items with low margin. But, for 
donations, it doesn't make any sense at all.

I don't think that's the case here, though. Or, the PayPal error message 
is inaccurate since it suggests using a different credit card.

Can whomever setup the PayPal donation capability on centos.org give any 
insight into whether credit card payments are blocked? Maybe one has to 
tell PayPal to NOT block credit cards? PayPal does try to steer people 
to use a PayPal account. Considering they tend to be a customer-hostile 
organization, I wouldn't put it past them to make this the default.

Take care,


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