[CentOS] Dell PE2970 with ATI RN50

James Bensley jwbensley at gmail.com
Tue Nov 25 15:56:03 UTC 2008

Hey Guys,

I'm having a few troubles trying to get Cent OS 5.2 displaying correctly on
my Dell PowerEdge 2970 (I also have two PowerVault NF500 III's but they are
just getting a little screen lag at the minute, the 2970 is getting white
artifacts when I drag a window!).

Can anyone help me locate and correctly install some drivers. The 2970 has
an onbaord ATI RN50 as its an AMD board/CPU combo thus its RN50 chipset. I
have look at the Dell website for Red Hat 5 drivers but there aren't any for
video? Would the Red Hat 4 drivers be OK? Also, I rang ATI and they said try
going back to the Dell and installing the general Chip set drivers as that
would probably include the onbaord graphics?

I could do with some help on this one as I have never had to install drivers
for a Linux OS before as I normalaly work with Linux on workstations which
is always straight forward.

Any help anyone can give would be greatly appreciated.


 Version: 3.1
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