[CentOS] Stop the FUD Xen is not deprecated

nate centos at linuxpowered.net
Tue Nov 25 18:08:09 UTC 2008

Brett Serkez wrote:

> What isn't clear from reading the above referenced material is if Xen
> will be included in future CentOS releases.

If it's included in future RHEL releases then it will be included
in future CentOS releases.

Red Hat says they will support Xen for the duration of the RHEL 5
support cycle. They haven't specified whether or not Xen will be
an option in RHEL 6, at least I haven't seen a statement around
that yet. If it's not in RHEL6 it won't be shipped in CentOS 6
(maybe it will be made available via 3rd party repositories).

So if you plan to use CentOS 5.x for the next several years then
you have nothing to worry about if you want to stick to Xen.
I really wouldn't expect significant effort to be put into
Xen in the future beyond fixing bugs and stuff. If you want
a fully supported Xen go get it from Citrix.

I've been watching Xen myself since it first came out and never
found it compelling so it's kind of vindication for me as I've
had justify not using Xen a few times in the past couple years.


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