[CentOS] Looking for an application to work with Centos

Rainer Duffner rainer at ultra-secure.de
Wed Nov 26 00:44:04 UTC 2008

Am 26.11.2008 um 01:34 schrieb John Plemons:

> I'm looking for a application, and or ideas on how to ....
> Set up a web page that can be cataloged by search engines capturing  
> all of the part numbers in a db.  This page would be tied to a MySql  
> or other  Linux DB so that people can also do a basic on site part  
> number search..  We have 150,000 different part numbers, we would  
> like all 150,000 picked up by the different search engines.
> Can anyone come up with any ideas??
> The platform is a basic P4 running Centos 5, disk space isn't much  
> of an issue, I have 100 gig available for the application. The only  
> other application on the machine is a picture server for off site  
> auctions, so CPU load isn't major factor.

Why the hassle?



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