[CentOS] [Q] what is difference between CENTOS and ORACLE unbreak Linux

Karanbir Singh mail-lists at karan.org
Wed Nov 26 10:32:28 UTC 2008

mcclnx mcc wrote:
> ORACLE unbreak Linux and CENTOS both source code come from Redhat 
> LINUX.  Does there have other difference between CENTOS and ORACLE Linux?

ok, you seem confused and seem to be buying into the marketing that 
oracle sends down the line. The 1 major difference is that CentOS really 
is binary compatible with upstream RedHat. Oracle isnt. They ( oracle ) 
patch and change gcc / glibc - use a custom kernel, modify configs, 
remove and add packages to the distro enough that they cant and do not 
have basic reproduceability that one would inherit into CentOS from 

Also, oracle lacks credible inhouse support. If you really want to get a 
contract, go with RHEL. or with CentOS and your local vendor. imho the 
support you get from the local vendor and CentOS is way better than what 
Oracle are able to offer for a linux OS.

Oracle are also not open source friendly - their sources and updates are 
not publicly listed[2].

Also, dont buy into that 'oracle test a lot more' - they dont. Their 
packages are inherited from CentOS and they actually rely on the testing 
that we do with the packages.

- KB

[1] Oracle Linux on a specific machine was only able to hit 12k emails 
per minute, whereas on CentOS and RHEL we got 18000 emails per minute. 
Same machine, same kickstart configs and the same package manifests + 

[2] If someone knows where they are - can you please tell me ?

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