[CentOS] Looking for an application to work with Centos

John Plemons john at mavin.com
Wed Nov 26 10:42:39 UTC 2008

Frank thank you for the feedback...  I understand that there will not be 
a real time Spidering and update of Google, that's fine, once the 
150,000 part numbers are Spidered once, then that is 1/2 the work done.  
The other side, that I want to be some what real time, is a onsite 
search feature so that real customers can see true, or close to true 
What some people do, is build a pade with every part number know to man 
on it, just a basic stream of text on a page, one after an other, after 
several tens if not hundreds of pages they have the information on the 
web.  In that manner, they then can be Spidered by the search engines.  
These companies don't have the product, but they do get requests for the 
product and then they go out into the world to fine it, they are known 
as brokers.  The other side of the coin is what we do, we hold inventory 
on at least 150,000 different part numbers, in a mix of quantities 
amounting to millions of pieces of inventory on hand.
I have this inventory in a Firebird DB, I'd like to find a way of 
dumping this information into a program that will create pages on our 
website, or at least create a catalog on our website that can be 
spidered by the various search engines.  My first thought was a basic 
Shopping Cart, I use one now on our surplus electronics and consumer 
website..  Some basic information on the part, entered in plain text, 
and the cart uses its PHP scripting to generate a page, these pages are 
captured by the search engine spiders, driving people to our website.  
It is called SquirrelCart, but it has more bells an whistles than is 
needed for this project, if a person gets to our site, I just want them 
to be able to see if we have the item in stock and show them a quantity, 
if we do, then give them a phone number to yalk with my sales 
department, or a web form to let them contact us...  KISS, I want to 
keep it simple...


Frank Cox wrote:
> On Tue, 25 Nov 2008 22:28:50 -0500
> John Plemons <john at mavin.com> wrote:
>> Thanks for the feedback, but not exactly what I have in mind, the 
>> inventory is fluid and quantity changes are updated daily.  My goal 
>> would be a real time link to a secondary DB which has a update push from 
>> the primary DB, the primary is a Firebird DB under Windows 2003 server..
> I don't think you're going to get the results that you think you're going to
> get, assuming that by "search engines" you mean Google, MSN and the like.  Your
> site may or many not be spidered by the search engines on a daily, weekly or
> monthly basis.  "Google works in mysterious ways."
> I get the impression that you want someone who searches one of the search
> engines for Widget No. 12345 to be sent to your site if you happen to have
> Widget No. 12345 in stock today.  You're planning to use Google as your database
> frontend and salesman, in other words.  Nothing wrong with that in theory, I
> suppose, but I really don't think you're going to be able to keep an
> up-to-the-minute inventory on Google unless you pay them for the service in
> some way.
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