[CentOS] Stop the FUD Xen is not deprecated

Adam Tauno Williams awilliam at whitemice.org
Wed Nov 26 13:04:02 UTC 2008

> >>> I was thinking about implementing Xen for our school district. Now
> >>> that
> >>> I'm hearing all of this I guess I need to look at something else.
> >>> What does everyone recommend?
> >>> Thanks
> >>> Bo Lynch
> >> How much money do you have?
> >> What (how many systems, what do they do?) do you actually want to
> >> virtualize?
> >> Are you going to be around your school for the next couple of years?
> >> On a small scale, running VMware ESX3i or VMware-server is perfectly
> >> possible.
> > Right now we have a about 30 servers. Mixture of  
> > CentOS,debian,slack,windows.
> > Free is always the best cost and is why we have been moving toward  
> > open source as much as possible.
> Hm. For 30 servers, ESX3i might still be OK.
> Provided, you don't want/need live-migration etc.
> AFAIK, you can buy-in that at a later point.

Yes, you can.  You just install Virtual Center and add the ESX hosts
(provided you can enough licenses to add all your [physcial] hosts).
For 30 servers I'd *guess* that would be around three physical hosts.

> What I hate about ESX(i) is the fact that you have to use Windows to  
> manage the stuff (in the long run).

True;  but at the last VMworld they did announce they are going to
refactor Virtual Center [which sucks, Windows or not, currently] to be
cross platform.

> I'm not sure if KVM is upto the task, yet.

The toolset, documentation, and support/community are really important
to successful virtualization;  VMware easy trumps other solutions in all
those categories IMO.

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