[CentOS] Stop the FUD Xen is not deprecated

Joseph L. Casale JCasale at activenetwerx.com
Wed Nov 26 21:50:29 UTC 2008

>I'd be happy to have you over my place and we can do some real world 
>performance testing in server roles

I would actually love that (just for the sake of learning) but me thinks were on
opposite sides of the pond:)

>btw, as might not be clear to some people, I dont do Windows 
>hosts/guests so dont know what the issues there might be. My experience 
>is purely based on Linux centric stuff.

Well, I have had very good luck with both. The commercial Xen product from my
tests and real world deployments ran Windows slower than esx. Open source version
of Xen doesn't have stable hv drivers for windows so it's not even worth talking about.

I found Linux to run well on both and never found any issues with CentOS on esx.

Once KVM settles down, I will gladly have a learn at it but until then I keep playing
with Xen but run esx in production as I need Windows guests as well.

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