[CentOS] OT: bash script for passwd and shadow manipulation

Erick Perez eaperezh at gmail.com
Thu Nov 27 18:56:11 UTC 2008

i need to extract some information from the /etc/passwd file to be
used as a command input in a mail software. My /etc/passwd looks like:
k.thomas:x:1918:100:Kimaura Thomas:/home/users/k.thomas:/bin/usersh
My main issue here is that the fifth field contains spaces and spanish
chars with accent. I currently do not posess the skill to understand
how to use cut to extract all the field.
So far, cut returns the name up to the space, so in this case it will
return Kimaura and not Kimaura Thomas.
Can you please point me to internet examples of tools (sed, awk, grep
or cut) that will help me accomplish this, or maybe provide the code?

And here is the code (not the best...im still learninng..)
# Passwd to Zimbra import
# This script modifies the displayName field in the Zimbra mailserver
# This script will parse /etc/passwd and extracts field 1 and field 5
# field 1 is the username.
# field 5 is the name in long format of the username
# domain="oj.gob.pa"
# file="zimbranames.file"
# x=0
# echo ''>$file
# for linia in `cat /etc/passwd`
# do
#    user=`echo $linia|cut -f1 -d":"`
#    nombre=`echo $linia|cut -f5 -d":"`
#    echo "zmprov ma $user@$domain displayName $nombre">>$file
#    x=$[x+1]
# done
# echo "$x accounts exported to \"$PWD/$file\""
# sleep 5

Thanks in advance.

Erick Perez

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