[CentOS] How to delay failed ssh auth

John R Pierce pierce at hogranch.com
Fri Nov 28 07:49:43 UTC 2008

Veiko Kukk wrote:
> Hi!
> I need to delay failed ssh password authentication as an additional 
> measure against brute force ssh attacks. I understand, that shoud be 
> accomplished through pam, but googling gave me no example. I have 
> CentOS 5.2.

I think I'd set MaxAuthTries to 2 in /etc/ssh/sshd_config (give your 
legit users one chance when they mistype the password), then use the 
iptables stuff to rate limit ssh connections from a  given source IP, 
after a few connection attempts in < 1 minute, blacklist that IP for a 
half hour or something.

you don't want to set it TOO sensitive or you'll find yourself unable to 
open several shell windows to the same host (something I do frequently 
so I can have one for an edit session or running an installer or 
sommething, and another for man or for doing root stuff, or whatever.

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