[CentOS] [Help] About Participate in CentOS - knoweldge sharing.

Alexander Georgiev alexander.georgiev at gmail.com
Fri Nov 28 14:46:17 UTC 2008

> I filled it out, but to be blunt - this survey complete stinks.  Questions like:
> "The Linux platform can perform complex tasks using various knowledge."
> What the !(*&$*(!(* does that even mean?  Please don't publish, or use,
> any results from this survey as they will be complete junk.
> (a) The "Linux platform" doesn't "perform complex tasks".  Users do,
> applications do, maybe.  What is a "complex task"?
> (b) "using various knowledge".  Eh?  Do you mean it requires "various
> knowledge" to set it up / configure it?  Still: Eh?  What is "various
> knowledge"?

Yet a buck is a buck.

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