[CentOS] isw_xxxxxxxx missing?

A. Kirillov nevis2us at infoline.su
Sat Nov 29 07:33:03 UTC 2008

> Hi all, I've installed CentOS 5.2 on a sun x2250.
> The installer goes fine and I can setup my root with lvm on /dev/ 
> mapper/isw_xxxxxxxx_Volume0, that is the hardware RAID1 for two disks  
> available.
> As the system boots lvm complains of a duplicate PV and decides to  
> use /dev/sda, so the physical disk, not the raid device...  I see with  
> surprise that the raid device is missing!
> Needless to say, in a couple of days and reboots I've completely  
> messed up the filesystem and the bootloader...
> Is there a way to fix this?

Yea. It's probably an Intel fake raid.
Get rid of it and use Linux software raid instead.


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