[CentOS] IMAP rule problem

Anne Wilson cannewilson at googlemail.com
Sat Nov 29 13:52:35 UTC 2008

On Saturday 29 November 2008 12:39:10 you wrote:
> Anne -- You need to provide a context.  What 
application/service is
> reporting these messages - a firewall, imap daemon 
They originate from my router.

> Also, the destination port is 143, so this is imap, and 
not related
> to "sending" mail, which will be on port 25, 587 or 
Sure - I was thinking that they originated from my 
server, but I did say that my brain refuses to go into gear 
> My suspicion is that you have filtering on a firewall or 
your imap
> daemon that is allowing you to connect to your imap 
server from your
> non-public network ipnumber ( to its 
public ipnumber
> (, but not to its non-public ipnumber 
I think I should ignore this for today.  That address 
( is a dhcp address, which must have been 
my laptop wifi connection, and since I had no wired 
connection at the time, if there had been anything really 
wrong I wouldn't have been able to use my mail, and I 
would have known about it.

It probably represents a fleeting problem.

> Of course the non-public numbers don't go outside 
your network, so
> there may be NATting going on (specifically in the non-
public -->
> public case) that's obscuring the issue.
Since it's the router, the commonality seems to rule that 

> By the way, you seem to have asked about this back 
in March.
Did I ask something similar?  I don't recall - but then I 
don't recall what I had for breakfast yesterday.  I'll look 
back and see if I can find anything.

All the same, thanks to your breaking my circle of 
thinking, I don't think there's really a problem.  If it 
occurs again I'll look more closely.

BTW, your reply-to plays havoc with normal list 


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