[CentOS] Clone ATA to SATA HDD

Shade.GE shade.ge at gmail.com
Sat Nov 29 21:39:18 UTC 2008

Joseph L. Casale schrieb:
>> I try'd in different order. Disconnect the IDE drive, change only the
>> bootorder etc. Nothing, everytime the same message. Grub can boot it,
>> its running into kernel and one line before init is running kernel
>> panics. Seems like the kernel could not find the root device, the swap
>> is afaik not necessary to boot. Tomorrow i try to clone it with acronis
>> and resize the partition to the new drive. We will see if this is possible.
> Well, focusing on something more fundamental then, what's your mkinitrd command?
> And what mobo are you using (model #).
> jlc
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Mobo is: Intel D945GCLF Little Falls
Iv'e try'd mkinitrd with mounted /sys, /proc and /dev from the live cd
without any special parameters, so my think was, sata is visible and
should be enabled by default. The LVM is not longer included in the new
initrd because the lvm messages are gone on booting kernel.

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