[CentOS] Request for additional patch in CentOS Plus kernel

Filipe Brandenburger filbranden at gmail.com
Wed Oct 1 16:39:20 UTC 2008


I have an Adaptec eSATA card, model 1225SA:

Although the chipset is sata_sil24, it is not recognized by default by
the kernel because its PCI ID is different than the ones recognized by
this driver on the CentOS kernel. The driver recognizes PCI IDs such
as 0x3132, 0x0242, 0x3131, but not 0x0244, which is the one this card

I found out that it works with the latest kernel, and that the patch
to make it work only adds the 0x0244 PCI ID to the list of IDs
recognized by the sata_sil24 driver. Here is the patch:

Following the instructions on the Wiki, I built a custom kernel based
on the CentOS Plus kernel, but adding this patch. The adapter worked
as expected with that kernel.

So I ask: Would it be possible to incorporate this patch to the
default set of patches applied on the CentOS Plus kernel? I would
really appreciate it since that would make it easier for me to keep
updated without worrying about the card.

Thanks a lot!

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