[CentOS] 10 Gb with CentOS

Ralph Angenendt ra+centos at br-online.de
Thu Oct 2 09:08:01 UTC 2008

Ramon Nieto wrote:
> I'll like to know from others their experience using 10 Gb LAN with
> CentOS 4 & 5.
> There is a chance here at work to change our backbone network to 10 Gb
> LAN if this get approved (by the CIO) i'll like to include to this
> project some 10 Gb Network Cards for our CentOS servers in order to
> connect them directly to the new backbone.

I really do wonder what you want to accomplish by that. It's hard enough
to saturate a GBit link with for example httpd, and same goes for most
other usage scenarios I can imagine. 

You're really going to hit limits regarding storage (if that is local).

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