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Thu Oct 2 16:56:02 UTC 2008

On Thu, Oct 2, 2008 at 5:28 AM,  <vandaman2002-rt at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
> 1. Don't top post.
Bottom post instead.

> 2. Don't hijack another thread with new unrelated info.
Create a new thread for a new topic.

> 3. Trim your responses.
Leave in the attribution lines of any included previous posts, but
leave out anything that is not germane to your response, and it is
safe to delete prior posters' signatures and that CentOS mailing list
tag at the bottom (it will get appended anyway).  Signatures and the
CentOS list tag are called CLUTTER when left in from a prior post.

> 4. Turn off html in your mail client.
Amen to that, including signatures.

> 5. Try and do some basic google searches on your problem.
We realize that sometimes this is tricky - I have had hit and miss
success on some things, direct bulls-eyes on others, but at least give
it a shot (or four) BEFORE you post to the list.

> Quoted from:
> http://www.centos.org/modules/tinycontent/index.php?id=16
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