[CentOS] Nightly yum update did an "upgrade"

Kai Schaetzl maillists at conactive.com
Thu Oct 2 18:57:31 UTC 2008

Lutz Griesbach wrote on Thu, 2 Oct 2008 19:42:49 +0200:

> 4.7 ist out since Sept 13th. What exactly triggers the update on October
> 2nd?
> If I run nightly updates, shouldn't it happened exactly when the release
> is out
> or, at least, when the mirrors are up to date?

Again, there is no such thing as an "upgrade" or a "release" in terms of 
updates. It was *not* what you call "upgrade" that caused your problem. It 
was an update, not necessarily belonging to 4.7 at all, or it was not 
related to updates at all. There might also have been a kernel update on 
Sept. 14 and you didn't reboot since then. Which, for whatever reason lead 
to your problem. I think you do not know at all that your problem is 
related to "4.7", so stop telling so! Stop thinking in terms of 
"upgrades", there is just a continous line of updates that every half year 
or so gets a bit streamlined and "boxed" into a release.


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