[CentOS] Slightly OT: Dell Poweredge 2850 with 4GB RAM

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Fri Oct 3 08:23:46 UTC 2008

Hi all,

I got the previously mentioned Dell Poweredge 2850 with 4GB RAM and Perc4e
raid controller. Installation went well and the raid is pretty fast even with
level 5.

However I have another problem now... CentOS 5.2 only sees 256MB RAM. Googling
a bit, got me to install kernel-PAE, this went well, but CentOS still sees
only 256MB.

Googling some more, I found a bios update was suggested and might do the
trick. Checking what bios version the server had, revealed it was A02. Upon
checking the Dell support site I saw they had a version A07, which I

The file was in bin format and executable via the CLI. Installation of the
A07-version went well too with no errors, and it told me to reboot the machine
to activate/start the update.

Upon reboot, at post, it said the update failed. Now what?? I'm at a loss
here. This is my first Dell Poweredge-server and I lack knowledge in the
tricks-department with this one.

What do I do now? Knowing the Dell-support, I turn to this list in hope of
some useful hints in this matter.

Thx for any insights.

Best Wishes
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