[CentOS] Proposed New Mailing List

Vandaman vandaman2002-rt at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Oct 3 20:33:09 UTC 2008

Karanbir Singh wrote:

> And yea, working on setting up a sort of list to handle 
> much of this semi OT traffic. More news on that around 
> Wed next week, dint ask about it now.

Off course people are going to ask. In my opinion as long
as a topic is marked OT, it is preferable to one not marked
but one in which the OP has not even done basic research 
on his problem.

One distro had a "brainflash" a number of years ago - create
a list for expert users and one for newbies. It didn't take
long for the newbies to realise that there was no one to 
help and so flooded the "expert list". This put off the 

On some mailing lists, long time users are put off by the
flood of posts by newbies who don't even conform to the list
guidelines. Some pay back by not replying to those in violation
without as much as a hint.

Would a new list really solve anything or would it close
one door and open another?



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