[CentOS] Nightly yum update did an "upgrade"

John jses27 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 4 00:28:36 UTC 2008

On Fri, 2008-10-03 at 23:32 +0100, Karanbir Singh wrote:
JohnStanley Writes:
> And I hope you are being a good community member and submitting bug
> reports so something can be done about that...
> err ? yum exclude=* ? yes, thats one way to stop updates. Or do you mean
> to imply exclude the software you are using on the machine ? which, to
> me, is silly - since arent those the bits of software you *really* do
> want bugfix / security fix/ updates for, since they are in production
> and therefore pose the largest targest.

What I have to do with one a particular business is use yum excludes. I
take and exclude all the RPMs that are dependancies for one specific
application. I have really no choice in the matter of doing so although
I do know there are security risks in do so. My problem is I can't have
the machines os breaking the app. Then in turn when that happens I have
to explain why. CEOs are money hungry people that want 24/7 uptime and
do not care how. In the end I have to do what I am told by the CEO or
have no job. I know the importance of them, but telling upper management
is a whole-nother story.

I did miss the dhcrelay didnot see that, I apologize for that. It should
not have broken.

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