[CentOS] mysqld breaks yum, help?

John jses27 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 6 05:52:13 UTC 2008

On Sun, 2008-10-05 at 22:52 -0400, Dac Chartrand wrote:
> On 5-Oct-08, at 10:10 PM, nate wrote:
> > Are there any packages installed that weren't part of the
> > *base* CentOS?

Could please you possibly do a list of all the installed RPMs on the
system in question. Just for cause do a grep to list any packages like
"rf" = rpmforge, "jason or "litka" "centos"

> Anyway, for now. Disabling fastestmirror works, full yum log is there
> for people to review, the pyhthon error is easily
> reproducible (happens when mysqld is on, and only when fastmirror is
> enabled). 
> Don't know what else I can add here.

JohnStanley Writes:
Just by thought and maybe this is going to far off the subject. If it is
I appologize. What lets yum run the correct way when fastest mirror is
not loaded as a plugin? That there in sense does not sound right at all.
The thing that makes me think is a possible botched yum update that yums
meta data was hijacked and in turn got packages that were bugged or
malwared? IE...The Lateness of the update from the mirrors. Makes me
think. I know I know it's just a question.

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