[CentOS] Video driver questions

MHR mhullrich at gmail.com
Wed Oct 8 21:01:24 UTC 2008

On Wed, Oct 8, 2008 at 1:55 PM, Robert Moskowitz <rgm at htt-consult.com> wrote:
> It is "VIA Technologies, Inc. CX700M2 UniChrome PRO II Graphics".
> OQO does not have drivers, I guess I need to check out VIA (Yom Kippur
> starts in a couple hours, so this will be done on friday).
Most likely.

> OK. DOn't know what the internal display is, will have to ask OQO, Will have
> to look at my external monitor (connected via a Belkin KVM).
Should be in the manual, if you have it.  Otherwise, you'd have to
check with the manufacturer.

>> To get out of X, just log out or type <ctrl><alt><backspace> (this   <<<<<<<<<<<<<<
>> works in gnome, I'm guessing it also works in kde).                      <<<<<<<<<<<<<<
>> Also, you could try to reset the preference to 1026x768 before restarting
>> X.
> Where?
Preferences (System->Preferences->Screen Resolution), although now
that I think about it, the display has to come up properly first....

>> You can edit this to be anything you like, including the 800x480 or
>> other w/s modes.  Restart X and they should take effect.
> How to restart X other than init 5?
See above where I "highlighted" on the right.

Good luck, and good yom tov.


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