[CentOS] Apache Charset vs html file charset

Spike Turner spiketurner09 at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 9 06:00:54 UTC 2008

Kai Schaetzl wrote:

> Because that page is served with UTF-8 by Apache. What you
> want to do is 
> comment that line in the Apache config out. It's a
> really stupid setting, 
> not really understandable why they put it in the default
> config.

The apache docs state that it does no harm and there are some 
security reasons for having a default

# Specify a default charset for all pages sent out. This is
# always a good idea and opens the door for future internationalisation
# of your web site, should you ever want it. Specifying it as
# a default does little harm; as the standard dictates that a page
# is in iso-8859-1 (latin1) unless specified otherwise i.e. you
# are merely stating the obvious. There are also some security
# reasons in browsers, related to javascript and URL parsing
# which encourage you to always set a default char set.



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