[CentOS] Installing a new VM on a xen box.

Kai Schaetzl maillists at conactive.com
Thu Oct 9 15:37:16 UTC 2008

James B. Byrne wrote on Thu, 9 Oct 2008 09:47:13 -0400 (EDT):

> Given a DVD containing the CentOS-5.2_Final (i386) distribution mounted at
> /media/CentOS_5.2_Final on Dom0, what argument do I pass to the "Install
> Media URL" argument of the "Create a new virtual system" wizard" to
> install the 32 bit version of CentOS-5.2 onto a vm called test-1?

Is that what you mean the Virtual Machine Manager?

> /media/CentOS_5.2_Final

> All attempts produce the same negative result.  What URL is used to load
> the 32 bit OS from the dvd?

You need a *URL*, that is not a URL! You can either use http or ftp. nfs may 
work as well, don't know.

There's a centos-virt list and there's a lot on virtualization on the wiki. 
Not sure if it would help you here, but it's worth reading!


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