[CentOS] More Samba Questions

John R Pierce pierce at hogranch.com
Thu Oct 9 20:24:41 UTC 2008

Joseph L. Casale wrote:
> I have never setup a Samba server, and the recent thread here prompted to
> get on this I need to migrate two XP machines from using iSCSI to Samba.
> I thought the "+" preceding a username in the smb.conf file for a
> share definition told Samba to use the unix username? Unless I actually
> use swat to create and enable the user and take off the + it doesn't work.
> Any ideas what swat does when you create a user through that interface?
> Is there any way to simply force Samba to use locally created users in the
> share definition?

I've always had to use

    smbpasswd -a unixusername

then give them a password for smb use...   the catch-22 is that SMB uses 
a completely different password hash algorithm than Unix/Linux 
/etc/passwd(shadow) passwords, so you can't use the one for the other.   

Its much much easier if you use a central authentication database like 
LDAP (or if its already in use at the site, Active Directory).

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