[CentOS] sudo

mouss mouss at netoyen.net
Fri Oct 10 15:33:37 UTC 2008

centos at unixplanet.biz a écrit :
> Hi
> Biz_User needs to switch to Sales_User, and  I tried following in
> sudoers:
> Biz_User ALL=(Sales_User) ALL
> but I get following error when I run sudo su - Sales_User
> "Sorry, user Biz_User is not allowed to execute '/usr/bin/su -
> Sales_User'
> as root on Server_Name"

$ man sudo
           When - is used, it must be specified as the last su option.
The other forms (-l and --login) do not have this

> I know that if I add root in allowed users list, I can switch
> to other user , but in that way user can switch to root as well.
> %Biz_Users ALL=(Sales_User,root) ALL
> any better idea ?

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