[CentOS] NameVirtualHost and CGI Problems

Kai Schaetzl maillists at conactive.com
Mon Oct 13 10:31:13 UTC 2008

Michael Peterson wrote on Sun, 12 Oct 2008 22:24:09 -0500:

> I did not guess.

When you replied the first time, you *did* guess. It is quite obvious that 
you do not need to remove what you suggested.

> I have been working with Apache for over 8 years

I can top that easily. So, what?

> After such a blatant insult I should think about dropping this list.

Then please do. I didn't insult you in any way. It's you who's suddenly 
begun to flame. I haven't seen such a reaction for a long time on this 

> In your first sentence you say "You can do that, it depends on your 
> configuration. ".

Then please read what I wrote in that sentence instead of flaming. You 
cannot just say "I do not use it" and present this as the solution. It 
depends on the configuration and for almost all configurations it will not 
work! Especially not for the one Mike is using.

> This example is straight from the documentation listed above.

Yeah. And, amazingly, wow, it has ServerName in it. Something that you 
suggested to omit. And it's got the port as well, something else you 
suggested to omit. Hm. Should I follow the documentation or should I follow 
your advice?

> There is no ServerAlias for the second VirtualHost entry.

I suggest you read again what I wrote instead of flaming. Maybe then you 
understand what I wrote. I figure that you may have confused ServerName and 
ServerAlias. Maybe you meant to say "I run a Virtual Host entry without a 
*ServerAlias* directive". Just that we weren't talking about ServerAlias. 
Even if we had, that's not an excuse for such a flame.

> I hope this solves the NameVIrtualHost issue for the time being at least.

It definitely does not as you are confusing people as best as you can with 
your writings.

> I only use ServerName and have not tried ServerAlias.

You didn't ever use that in "over 8 years" of experience with Apache? Don't 
answer, this was a rhetorical question.

No, I won't answer any more of your flames.


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