[CentOS] Regd: SeLinux Configuration

Ian Blackwell ian at ikel.id.au
Tue Oct 14 06:23:12 UTC 2008

Balaji wrote:
> *   Can any one help me or guide me to
>   1. Enable the selinux
setenforce 1

Use "getenforce" to determine the current status of selinux.  Look in
/etc/selinux/config for details of policy being used - e.g. targeted.
>   2. Selinux Customize my own policy
man setsebool
man getsebool

These will help you modify options in the supplied policies.  For
example, use "getsebool -a | grep http" to list all selinux options and
filter the list for those pertaining to http.  You can of course create
your own policy and local customisations based on audit logs etc, but
I've not ventured down this path myself.  Others on the list will be
able to assist if you need to go that way.

Hope that gets you started :)



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