[CentOS] DHCP static hosts and subnet configuration

Marcus Moeller mm at gcug.de
Wed Oct 15 12:40:43 UTC 2008

Hi all.

I have set up a DHCP server with multiple subnet configurations (let's
say subnet A and B). Within that I have declared pools and static
hosts addresses.

Now, if I have set up a static host entry (with fixed-address) in
Subnet B for a specific machine and try to connect to Subnet A with
that NIC (where it should obtain an address from the range), this does
not work unless I add a static host entry for that machine to the
Subnet A declaration, too. I even have to assign a fixed-address,

I just want the NIC to clain it's address from the range on Subnet A
and to assign a fixed address on Subnet B.

Best Regards

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