[CentOS] mysql 5 for centos 5.2

Mark Quitoriano markquitoriano at gmail.com
Wed Oct 15 13:11:49 UTC 2008

On Tue, Oct 14, 2008 at 12:29 PM, John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com> wrote:
> Mark Quitoriano wrote:
>> What do you recommend me to do so i can optimize my database on a
>> multi-core processor? and i haven't got an answer for the mysql
>> package for centos 5 is the multi-threading supported?
> each connection to mysql spawns a thread, however under various conditions
> the threads can block each other, including if they are stacking up on table
> locks to update the same table.
> otherwise, yes, mysql is fully multithreaded, as long as you're making
> multiple queries concurrently via different connections

oh ok got it. But as i can see that with my database server it only
eats up 1 core of my core2quad processor. how can i optimize mysql to
use all 4 core of my processor?

thanks again for the answers

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