[CentOS] Problems with firstboot in CentOS 5

Alfred von Campe alfred at von-campe.com
Wed Oct 15 14:44:10 UTC 2008

I'm trying to customize the firstboot process in CentOS 5 and have  
come across a few issues that are driving me nuts.  I'm sure they are  
all upstream issues, but I don't have a RHEL 5 system to verify  
them.  I had these customizations working in CentOS 4, but things  
that used to work then don't work now.

The main problem is that you can't validate user input.  This problem  
can be easily seen in the firstboot "Create User" module.  If you are  
in this screen, deliberately enter mismatched passwords.  You will  
get a warning that the passwords do not match, but when you click OK  
to dismiss the warning you are taken to the next screen.  In CentOS  
4, firstboot would stay at the current screen until all user input  
had been validated.  If you look at the underlying Python code, when  
you returned "None" from the apply method it would not exit the  
module in CentOS 4, but it does in CentOS 5.

I also can't get the firstboot Display module to load.  It ships with  
"skipme = True", but setting it to false or removing that line  
altogether does not show the module.  It appears to me that there a  
lots of issues with firstboot in CentOS 5.  Actually, in my  
environment (~40 desktops), CentOS 5 has been far less stable than  
CentOS 4 (mostly Gnome issues with Terminal windows crashing and  
window "flickering").  I've reported some of these issues before on  
this list.  My servers seem to be rock stable, though.

Anyway, for now I will have to live with these issues.  Can I report  
these issues in the Red Hat bugzilla database or do I need to be a  
RHN subscriber to report bugs against RHEL5?  I suspect (but have not  
verified) that these issues have been addressed in Fedora already.


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