[CentOS] new list proposal

Kenneth Price kprice at nowyouknow.net
Thu Oct 16 16:18:42 UTC 2008

----- "John Hinton" <webmaster at ew3d.com> wrote:
> Craig White wrote:
> >
> > If you are going to go to multiple lists, might I suggest that you
> > have 1 system-admins list and 1 general-users list and you can tightly
> But I would like a bit more freedom on the sysadmin list. The ability
> to get more in depth on particulars and include discussions of other 
> software which interacts with existing systems to aid in going 
> further... extending Centos so to speak.

Do you think that by definition, the "system-admins" list should encompass that freedom?  Linux system administration is not limited to bash scripting and configuring Apache virtual hosts, but also includes architecting multi-tiered, multi-faceted, multi-platform environments.  I think the label of "system-admins" for a second list is going in the right direction.  Maybe something a bit more specific, like CentOS-sysadmin-advanced?  Not the best name, but conveys my idea.  The understanding on that list is that the application of CentOS in real world environments can and should also be discussed.

Eh?  Yes, no, maybe?


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