[CentOS] new list proposal

Karanbir Singh mail-lists at karan.org
Thu Oct 16 17:05:49 UTC 2008

Christopher Chan wrote:
>> - technologies
>> - best practices
>> - deployment strategies and tools
>> - management strategies and tools
> I don't know whether that will take off...has not it been tried outside 
> centos.org by centos list members already?

Not that I am aware of. But its worth a try here in .centos.org ( or so 
I feel anyway ). What we do or dont do will ultimately be based on what 
everyone feels about it.

>> And to better cater to these conversations, as well as further 
>> encourage such content, we'd like to propose creating a 'centos-tech' 
>> list.
> They sound like 'general' stuff that lot.

yes, a lot more generic than something that is distro specific.

> How about a centos-help list instead?

I am not sure if that would work, its been tried many times and always 
fails back to the fact that everyone who posts to a list, has an issue 
they need help with.

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