[CentOS] new list proposal

Bob Taylor bob8221 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 16 17:46:48 UTC 2008

On Thu, 2008-10-16 at 10:08 +0100, Karanbir Singh wrote:
> this list isnt really a general list as you put it, its more of a 
> user-help and support list for people who use and are considering to use 
> CentOS.

This is my understanding of the purpose of this list.

>  This list is now also at a stage where the on-topic to off-topic 
>   ratio is high enough that plenty of people who join to talk about a 
> specific issue, never return back to the list.

I haven't really noticed the on topic off topic ratio being to high.
There will *always* be people who join a list to ask for specific help
then unsubscribe after getting their answer. Such is life.

> So we are not really 
> doing much in terms of building the community, were in a state where 
> there is one group of very vocal people, and lost of drive-by. Is that 
> really the sort of situation we want to encourage and grow further into ?

Are you saying the on topic posting have diminished and the cause is
"very vocal people" and one subject people who are never heard from
again? It has been my experience this is mostly a normal situation. It
has also been my experience that there are people who just *must*
attempt to take over. I would, after they are identified, just remove
them from the list and blacklist them. Of course, let them know before

> Also, if you were to be one of the moderators - how many hours a day, 7 
> days a week would you be offering to do sub minute response rates for 
> all list moderation ?

You may be asking for even *more* work with an additional list.

> The CentOS lists are not really moderated much, unless things go very 
> crazy, and imho it would be nice to keep things that way. Focus the 
> conversation, create more avenues for people to interact, and create a 
> feedback loop that really does work. If for most people both the lists 
> are going to be the same thing, well - feel free to subscribe to both. 
> Just consider which one you want to start a conversation in when you do 
> start a conversation and all will be well.

If there is a decision to create two different lists, then I would
strongly suggest that both be well defined as to the purpose as well as
the subject matter allowed.

> Ofcourse, a mechanism to move a conversation between lists, along with 
> auto-subscribe for all users contributing to that thread, into the 
> moved-to-list, would be great to have!

Any programmers want to volunteer?

I have said enough already. Goodbye to this thread.

Bob Taylor

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