[CentOS] new list proposal

Spiro Harvey spiro at knossos.net.nz
Thu Oct 16 20:23:24 UTC 2008

> I also note that moderation comes in 2 forms...the first being when
> one of the CentOS developers says stop this thread which is irregular,

and you'll also notice that this never works. the thread typically
degenerates into the yay-sayers and the nay-sayers, which actually
produces *more* noise.

This is not moderation. No threads are ever deleted or locked, even if
it were possible.

But instead of filling the list with lots of "please read the f'n
rules" followed by "polite" responses, if the lists were split into two
distinct categories -- one for general help, one for more technical
problems -- then this would cut down the overall noise because posters
would have a better understanding of what each list was for and could
target their queries more appropriately. In a general help list
tangential problems would then be appropriate so the "moderation"
wouldn't exist, or at least, not be as heavy handed.

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