[CentOS] new list proposal

Frank Cox theatre at sasktel.net
Thu Oct 16 21:53:57 UTC 2008

On Thu, 16 Oct 2008 16:44:00 -0400
John Hinton <webmaster at ew3d.com> wrote:

> The bulk of the posts seem to regard something 
> that is more desktop related. Please understand this is not a negative 
> as this is one fantastic service to those working with CentOS. All good, 

The reason for this is because there are more and more "Fedora refugees"
setting up desktops and everything else using something that they are
relatively familiar with (Centos) that doesn't have Fedora's churn and short
shelf life.

Centos-on-the-desktop seems like a logical answer and, in fact, folks on the
Fedora list (including me) recommend Centos on a regular basis for just that
purpose and reason.

Ultimately, I suspect there will be more Centos-on-the-desktop questions and
discussions in the future which should be welcomed, hosted and accepted
-somewhere-.  If that place is not right here, then a place should be created.

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