[CentOS] new list proposal

Spike Turner spiketurner09 at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 17 09:28:17 UTC 2008

Niki Kovacs wrote:

> Given the popularity of this thread, I suggest creating a 
> centos-meta at centos.org list, where folks can discuss
> list-related stuff.

Popular huh? Let as see some stats on the
posts by user

* Karanbir Singh (15)
* Spike Turner (10)
* Spiro Harvey (8)
* Kenneth Price (5)
* Frank Cox (4)
* Bob Taylor (4)
* John Hinton (3)
* MHR (3)

CentOS is supposed to be a community supported
distro unlike the one where some guy respun it
for his library and so could do whatever he 

Fedora has not seen a need to split the main list
but has addressed the problem of OT posts or posts
without research in the wiki page
Upstream/Fedora may be blamed by some but the way
they have handled this is real professional.

Who would like the mailing list to be as fragmented
as the CentOS forum? Fragmentation means erosion of
the userbase and is not good for the community.


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