[CentOS] Problems with Thunderbird

Lanny Marcus lmmailinglists at gmail.com
Sat Oct 18 19:59:08 UTC 2008

On Thu, Oct 16, 2008 at 3:38 AM, ArcosCom Linux User <linux at arcoscom.com> wrote:
> On new CentOS 5.2 installation (and ugradation before config the diferent
> programs I use), I'm having problems with Thunderbird
> Problem 1:
> I configured my e-mail account (as I have in my old machine) and I have no
> access to my pop3 and/or smtp servers. I write my user for the access, but
> thunderbird no ask my password anytime.

I am using Thunderbird (20081001) on CentOS 5.2 (32 bit). I
am using it with Gmail, using IMAP and SMTP.   I do not have any
problems with it. Please check all of your configuration settings,
again, and verify that they are correct. You will get a pop up, asking
for your password, if your POP3 or IMAP or SMTP server requires it,
which it probably will.

> Problem 2:
> I installed lightning, but I can't add any new calendar to it (local or
> remote).

No idea what that is, so I can't help you on that one.

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