[CentOS] Slow NFS writes

Craig White craigwhite at azapple.com
Sun Oct 19 06:21:16 UTC 2008

I guess I'm sort of surprised and I expected better performance

I have a new server set up with RAID 10 drives (6)

Repeated a number of times and though I am clumsy with stop watch
timing, these numbers appear to be close enough for government work...

Server, CentOS 5.2 and updated earlier today, just installed a week ago.

Client, Macintosh G4, OS X 10.4.11

NFS Mount is done with the following options...
-P (privileged ports)
I tried doubling the size of the read/write windows to 65536 but it
seemed to make little difference.

Task, Read / Write 648 Megabyte Photoshop file (PSD)
Win2K = Win2K server (slow), RAID 5, Symantec EndPoint (ugh), retiring
this server
AFP   = Netatalk from new CentOS Server
SMB   = Samba from new CentOS Server
NFS   = see above options, same CentOS Server

Copy To     Win2K       AFP         SMB       NFS
          1m40.053s   0m22.566s  0m23.817s  2m11.849s
Copy From   Win2K       AFP         SMB       NFS
	1m34.478s   0m20.709s  0m20.823s  0m23.487s

NFS read performance was slightly slower than AFP/SMB but the write
performance was poor.

I suppose that the answer is not so important because if the performance
was equal to AFP and/or SMB, they'd probably just use AFP anyway but I
did want to register my shock (or my ignorance).


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