[CentOS] cannot start Mysql

Duncan centos at duncb.co.uk
Sun Oct 19 19:25:08 UTC 2008

William L. Maltby wrote:
> On Sun, 2008-10-19 at 19:38 +0100, Duncan wrote:
>> Obantec Support wrote:
>>> rpm -qa | grep mysql
>>> mysql-5.0.45-7.el5
>>> is installed
>> Yum install mysql-server
> That makes me think OP did a yum install mysql instead of a yum group
> install. Per the output in my previous post, default packages for the
> *group* include mysql-server. If my assumption is correct, he'll
> probably hit more stumbling blocks, depending on what he's doing
> ultimately, as other parts of a default install will likely be missing
> too. Might be better to unstall (that *ought* to be a valid word, huh?
> Would save typing.  :-) and do a group install to get a good starting
> point.
You might making it a lot more complicated than need be.

For most uses, just the mysql-server package (and any dependencies yum 
brings in) will be fine.

(waits to be shot down by a very specific or complicated use from the OP 
that requires the group install..)


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